Our Campus Ministries

We have dozens of ministries scattered across Canada and the U.S., and each one is unique. We don't believe that using one format as a universal model for all campus ministries is the right path towards unity. Instead, we celebrate the diversity between and within these ministries. Please feel free to use this resource to get in touch with us and find out how we can help and support each other.

Canadian Ministries

Brock University

Andrew Basson
Phone: 905-688-5550 ext. 3134
E-mail: abasson@brocku.ca

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Fanshawe College

Kelly Sibthorpe
Phone: 519-452-4430 ext. 4352 (office)
226-236-5201 (cell)

E-mail: chaplainkjs@gmail.com

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Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Albert Wu
Phone: 778-888-2598
E-mail: albert.wu@thetapestry.ca

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McMaster University

Michael Fallon
Phone: 905-525-9140 ext. 24123
E-mail: fallonm@mcmaster.ca

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Mohawk College

Michael Fallon
Phone: 905-525-9140 ext. 24123
E-mail: fallonm@mcmaster.ca

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Queen's University
(Geneva Fellowship)

Steven Kooy
Phone: 613-331-5669
E-mail: kooys@queensu.ca

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University of Alberta

Rick VanManen
Phone: 780-492-5327
E-mail: rpvanmanen@ualberta.ca

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University of British Columbia – Okanagan Campus
(Wellspring Christian Fellowship)

Sam Gutierrez
Phone: 250-826-5712
E-mail: samg1977@gmail.com

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University of Calgary

Paul Verhoef   Campus Minister
Phone: 403-220-2596
E-mail: pverhoef@ucalgary.ca

Pearl Nieuwenhuis   Spiritual Director
E-mail: pnieuwen@ucalgary.ca

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University of Guelph

Jamie VanderBerg
Phone: 519-824-4120 ext. 52392 (office)
519-362-9886 (cell)

University of Northern British Columbia

Alan van der Woerd
Phone: 250-964-1911
E-mail: alan@alabanza.ca

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University of Ottawa

Sid Ypma
Phone: 613-277-0037
E-mail: sidypma@gmail.com

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University of Toronto

Brian Walsh
Phone: 416-596-2439
E-mail: brian.walsh@utoronto.ca

Geoff Wichert
E-mail: geoff.wichert@utoronto.ca

Sara DeMoor
E-mail: sara.L.demoor@gmail.com

Marcia Boniferro
E-mail: marciaboniferro@gmail.com

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University of Waterloo

Brian Bork
Phone: 519-497-6152
E-mail: bbork41@gmail.com

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Western University

Michael R. Wagenman
Phone: 519-661-2111 ext. 82795
519-851-5845 (cell)

E-mail: mwagenma@uwo.ca

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York University

Shiao Chong
Phone: 416-707-5315
E-mail: 3dchristianity@gmail.com

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U.S. Ministries

Chicago State University

Rosetta Polk-Pugh
Phone: 773-476-6791
E-mail: rpugh5966@wowway.com

Ferris State University

Mike Wissink
Phone: 231-598-3800
E-mail: mikewissink@gmail.com

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Grand Rapids Community College
(Campus Ministry)

Al Moss
E-mail: lmoss38@sbcglobal.net

Grand Rapids Community College
(Jabez: Ministry for and with Students with Disabilities)

Peter Gordon
Phone: 616-452-7499
E-mail: peter927alberta@sbcglobal.net

Grand Valley State University

Scott Stark
Phone: 616-331-3111
E-mail: starks@gvsu.edu

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Iowa State University

Tyler Helfers
E-mail: director@isu-areopagus.org

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Iowa State University
(Korean Campus Ministry)

Man Sung Kim
Phone: 515-292-0540 (office)
515-232-9581 (home)

E-mail: unihope@gmail.com

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Kennedy-King Community College

Rosetta Polk-Pugh
Phone: 773-476-6791
E-mail: rpugh5966@wowway.com

Loyola University Chicago
(Agape & Ecclesia)

Michael Moore
Phone: 773-508-2235
E-mail: mmoore13@luc.edu

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Michigan State University

Brenda Kronemeijer-Heyink
Phone: 616-283-8492
E-mail: brenda.hey@gmail.com

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Northern Illinois University

David Seymour
Phone: 815-280-9816
E-mail: dseymour@niu.edu

Stony Brook University
(Korean Campus Ministry)

Joseph Byun
Phone: 718-460-4741
E-mail: changguk@yahoo.com

University of Illinois

Tim Bossenbroek
Phone: 217-417-1096
E-mail: tbossebroek@gmail.com

University of Iowa

Tom Wolthuis
Phone: 319-341-0007
E-mail: tomwolthuis@gmail.com (personal)
geneva@uiowa.edu (office)

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University of Michigan
(Campus Chapel / Center for Faith and Scholarship (CFS))

Rolf Bouma
Phone: 734-668-7421
E-mail: rbouma@umich.edu

Matt Ackerman   Pastor for Worship and Community
E-mail: ackermatt@gmail.com

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University of Washington
(Graduate Christian Fellowship)

Geoff Van Dragt
Phone: 616-617-2191
E-mail: gvandragt@gmail.com

Ashley Van Dragt
Phone: 616-633-5588
E-mail: ashley.vandragt@gmail.com

University of Wisconsin
(Geneva Campus Church)

Michael Winnowski
Phone: 608-251-0860
E-mail: mwinnowski@gmail.com

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Western Michigan University
(Bronco Campus Ministry International Student Fellowship)

Ron De Young
Phone: 269-998-2883
E-mail: rdy263@gmail.com

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William Paterson University

Ken Vander Wall
Phone: 973-423-2737
E-mail: kenjvw@gmail.com