Who Are We?

The CRCMA is a collection of campus ministries covenanted together through the Christian Reformed Church. The flavor of each ministry is different, but we all share the conviction that God is reconciling all things through Jesus Christ. We are committed to joining in God’s mission as disciple makers, justice-seekers, caretakers, and educators.

Our History

Campus Chapel at the University of MichiganCampus Chapel at the University of Michigan

In the late 1930s CRC churches in Michigan began to minister to Christian Reformed students on the campus of the University of Michigan. Shortly after the advent of this ministry other ministries were begun across the United States: Iowa State Universty, Ferris State (MI), Central Michigan University, and Grand Valley State University (MI), University of Illinois (Champaign), University of Iowa, University of Colorado (Boulder), and University of Wisconsin (Madison).

In 1963 the Board of Home Missions appointed a committee to prayerfully consider the place of the church on campus. The report was received at Synod in 1965 and in 1967 the beginnings of the Christian Reformed Church Campus Ministry Association began.

Today we have over 30 ministries that span across North America, from California to New Jersey, North Carolina to Calgary. We are deeply connected with the Christian Reformed Church and partner with local congregations and para-church ministries. We gather as regional teams throughout the year and have our annual conference in May. Check out our directory to find us.

Our Vision

We follow God’s Spirit in order to survey cultural landscapes, cast vision, and collaborate with community partners. We aim to cultivate, renew and multiply Reformed campus ministries that will develop Christians who are incarnational, missional, and disciplemakers.

Our Mission

The mission of the CRCMA in higher education is to promote gatherings of God’s people, to engage in holistic kingdom ministries that are sustained in relationships of mutual accountability, and are served by campus ministers.

Our Values

We are shaped by...

Our Relationship with God

  • Worship – We praise and serve the Triune God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • Christological – We confess that Jesus reigns and “in him all things hold together.”
  • Covenant – The Spirit leads and equips us in mission.
  • Eschatological – Jesus will return and his kingdom is coming!

The Mind of the Church

  • Servant-Shaped – Our ministry is cross-shaped and marked by loving service of God and compassion towards our neighbors.
  • Communal & Ecumenical – We are part of the diverse body of Christ in higher education.
  • Civil – In a pluralist world God calls us to respect persons who embrace different values, beliefs, and opinions from our own.

The Mission of the Church

  • Contextual – The pattern of Jesus’ incarnation calls us to be present with people and institutions.
  • Prophetic – We declare and joyfully work for a new order of justice and peace.
  • Evangelistic – We witness to the presence of God’s reign so that persons are brought to salvation and reconciled to God and each other.
  • Creational – The universe belongs to God and we serve as stewards to God’s creational purposes.

Get in Contact

If you have any questions or would like to support the CRCMA’s movement in higher education, please contact Mark Wallace (519-836-3298) or Margaret Griffioen-Drenth (905-336-2920 ext. 316).